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Top 12 Tourist Attractions in Tunisia

Tunisia is a country located in North Africa. Stunning coastline, vibrant culture and an opulent history, Tunisia has become one of the more popular tourist destinations in the world.

With a balmy, sand-fringed Mediterranean coast, scented with jasmine and sea breezes.
Carpets, brass, copper and gold jewelery are the main shopping products in Tunisia.In 1997 UNESCO has made Tunisia become a "Cultural Capital Region". 

Here are top 12 Tourist Attractions in Tunisia.

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01. Hammamet 


 02. El Djem Amphitheatre

 El Djem Amphitheatre

03. Kairouan 


04.  Monastir Ribat

 Monastir Ribat

05. Sousse Medina 

Sousse Medina

 06.  Grand Erg Oriental

Grand Erg Oriental

 07. Bulla Regia

Bulla Regia

08.  Djerba



      09. Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou Said

10. Chott el Djerid

Chott el Djerid

11. Carthage 


12. Bardo Museum 

Bardo Museum

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